There may be significant opportunities for technology innovation and commercialization in several general areas of critical need in Texas. Areas such as desalination, reuse, conservation, and ‘smart-water’ technologies (sensors, monitors, data analytics) may be among those now ripe for more exhaustive assessment, further inventory of capabilities and capacities, and specific recommendations for immediate action, resource investment, and policy-making. The Roadmap Forum will connect the dots across geographies, industries, campuses, and end-users in these areas.

We envision the Roadmap Forum ultimately producing:

The first-ever Texas water technology roadmap.

A means to identify and update pathways for linking research, expertise, facilities and programs that address the ‘supply against demand’ scenarios identified by participants.

“Innovation teams” within a virtual “collaboratory” that crosses disciplines, campuses, technical networks, and resources.

Basic information and networks that will enable more effective actions to support Texas R&D, testing, and commercialization efforts, helping Texas to become a global hub of water innovation.

Why a roadmap?

It’s a tool that Texans have used in the past to attain such global leadership in energy and agriculture, transistors and microprocessors, and life sciences and semiconductors. It will help set us on a path to solve our most pressing water challenges, identify our strengths and gaps in capabilities to respond, and then leverage identifiable AND evolving technologies. In short, a technology roadmap will show Texans the many connections and specific routes to accelerate commercialization, innovation, sustainable water use, and economic competitiveness.

Example Roadmaps

Here are links to several example water technology roadmaps. Note, our forum work will be the beginning of the roadmapping process, not the end of it. The examples show the considerable flexibility on how such roadmaps are developed and displayed.

Technology Roadmap “Applying Nanotechnology to Water Treatment”

UK Energy, Water and Waste Roadmaps

Research & Development Roadmap for Emerging Water Heating Technologies

Energy Technology Roadmaps

Desalination And Water Purification Technology Roadmap