Texas A&M University Dean of the College of Architecture, Jorge Vanegas, will lead a one-day facilitated charrette to include active involvement by all participants. Dr. Vanegas is well-known for his facilitation skills and is providing support to the forum through sponsor, RCN-CE3SAR where he is a member of the Steering Committee.

To begin, participants will examine the most critical issues facing residential, commercial, agricultural, and utility-based water conservation, and focus in on exactly which aspects of these issues can be addressed through technology innovation and market-driven solutions. Moving from a generalized discussion to a more specific level of the scientific and technical, participants will prioritize urgent and near-term needs and gaps from an end-user, market perspective.

Based on this framing of issues, participants will work in smaller cross-function groups of the research and IP development community, and demand side of technology (such as suppliers, industry, and utility representatives) to define scenarios for collaboration, coordination, and alignment of immediate opportunities (proof of concept, pilot projects, demonstration and validation).

A final full-group session will create an initial list of ‘targets of opportunity’ for which participants may seek to continue their discussion, engagement, and partnership.

Immediately following the forum, information collected during the course of the charrette will be used to begin the process of drafting a roadmap of ‘supply and demand’ around technologies and capabilities emerging from the State’s academic research institutions, non-profit organizations, and research foundations.